What is Online Reputation Management & How can it Help my Business?

Reputation management is about ensuring that the potential customers see your business for what it truly is, instead of what a vocal minority puts online. By using reputation management it makes your other marketing efforts easier. Instead of playing catch-up to overcome false impressions, you receive more leads generated, website referrals, increased effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and more time to grow your business.

The best way to cut through the noise

Every day, customers use search engines, like Google, to discover and evaluate businesses. In a split second, they decide if your business is trustworthy or if they should go with someone else.

The problem is that the Internet doesn’t always give an accurate story. Unfairly, negative reviews and opinions can clog up the search results. That’s where reputation management can help. It helps you look your best online, no matter where a customer searches.

Reputation management basic concepts

  • Create a positive presence on all the major internet channels
  • Watch closely as new information populates
  • Strategically increase the value and placement of positive content
  • Aggressively move negative content out of the way
  • Diversify your presence to maximize positive content
  • Keep online information fresh and up to date
  • Monitor your position and health against competition
  • Synchronize marketing efforts