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Cory has a gift for finding new traffic opportunities and connecting them to business partners. His talents and expertise are what make him such a force to be reckoned with in SEO. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business online, he’s got you covered.


Benjamin McDavid

Founding Partner, McDavid Brothers

It’s rare that you come across an exceptional specialist like Cory. His quality and up to date knowledge sets him apart from any SEO company. He truly understands the importance of SEO and what it can do for businesses. He is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend him for any SEO need.

Alex Furfaro

CEO & Owner, Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting

It was a pleasure to share knowledge and expertise with Cory. He’s obviously devoted to the SEO craft and in our masterminding, he showed me several things that I was able to implement in my ranking approach to get even stronger results. On top of that, he’s a great person to be around. Highly recommended if you want someone genuine and impactful to launch your business upward in the search engine results!

Alan Robertson

Owner & CEO, Ascendant Search Marketing

Cory is an exceptional SEO specialist. His ability to think “outside the box” and find the best ways to get the maximum ROI for his clients sets him apart from the crowd. I highly recommend you build a relationship with Cory and The Silver Koi Fish company. He’s simply the best in the industry hands down.

Roshan Runnoo

Founder & CEO, Rankglider

It was a pleasure and a privilege working with Cory and if you are looking for an SEO Expert, look no further. He is a natural leader who quickly gains the respect of his team members. Combined with his amazing knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Cory really impressed me with the quality of work he delivered. I am looking forward to working with him again.

Tomasz Opalinski

Founder & CEO, Plutus Mark Internet Marketing

I was very impressed after working with Cory Rentas. His uncanny ability to generate organic traffic for small businesses sets him apart. I would highly recommend having Cory as part of your team!

Rambeau Feguis

CEO& Internet Entreprenuer, Rambeau SEO

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