The Silver Koi Fish is an internet marketing firm founded and owned by Cory Rentas in Cape Coral, Florida, built to over-deliver for every client we accept. By pioneering new methods, We’ve have found success where others have failed. The Silver Koi Fish is all about being transparent with customers and getting results. While we don’t guarantee rankings, we excel at delivering substantial value for our clients and promise professional services backed by results.

We have extensive knowledge of how the search engines work. We do in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of your website. It gives us great insight about the competitive advantage of your website when compared to others. We take a deep look at the keywords your rivals are targeting and we also investigate that by which keyword they are getting the highest amount of traffic. Applying the unparallel knowledge of our SEO professionals, we are able to uncover the competitive strategies used by your competitors and counter react accordingly. We analyze the information which comes from thorough research some of which are mentioned in the following:

Targeted Keywords

Link Sources

URL Popularity

Traffic Source

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